RADIUS MEDIUM - infrared heating panel

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RADIUS MEDIUM is a perfect low-cost solution of heating medium sized rooms - offices, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Only one infrared heating panel emits pleasant and soothing heat to the surface of 12 square meters (the height of the room 2.5 m).
RADIUS MEDIUM is energy saving and esthetic infrared heater for use in an apartment, home or office.
RADIUS MEDIUM, as well as all the panels in a series of RADIUS, is made of steel coated with an additional layer of quartz. Use of this mineral increases the infrared emitting surface.



RADIUS MEDIUM specification:

Power - 600W

Dimentions - 120x59x3cm

Weight - 10kg

Voltage - 230V

Colours - check in catalogue

Our panels can be mounted on walls and ceilings.