RADIUS MAXI - infrared heating panel

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RADIUS MAXI is energy saving and esthetic infrared heater for use in an apartment, home or office.
RADIUS MAXI, as well as all the panels in a series of RADIUS, is made of steel coated with an additional layer of quartz. Use of this mineral increases the infrared emitting surface.

You just bought a new flat, or built a house and want to equip Their interior practically, modern and elegant? Nothing easier!. Thanks to the possibility to choose any color from RAL, infrared heating panels will be the perfect integration of the design of your interior.

            Or maybe you like to save and take care of the the environment at the same time? Perfectly. Using our solutions can save You up to 60% of the cost associated with heating (as compared with traditional convection systems). Less energy is consumed for heating, the less harmful substances released into the atmosphere (such as CO2 responsible for the greenhouse effect).
            No matter whether we are thrifty, we care about the environment and want to live in a modern and elegant, each of us appreciates the comfort and pleasant moments spent in the comfort of your own home. Installing a heating system based on infrared heating panels are moving to the house a small sun. Our heating panels using the experience of nature, like the sun, heat up directly people and objects in the room. The electricity needed to generate heat is not wasted on unnecessary heating of the air. when we are within range of this revolutionary solution we feel pleasant and soothing comfort in the much lower temperatures.
            In addition, thanks to that the infrared heating does not cause air circulation, typical for traditional convection systems, our range is ideal for allergy sufferers. Reduced air movement in the room means less rising and falling dust and mites.



RADIUS MAXI specification:

Power - 700W

Dimentions - 120x59x3cm

Weight - 11kg

Voltage - 230V

Colours - check in catalogue

Our panels can be mounted on walls and ceilings.