Infrared heater, Tower IH 2000 POWER, Garage heater

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  • No energy waste

  • Eco-emission free, no oxygen use

  • Healthy- no dust, or noise, odour free ( important for allergy sufferers )

  • Condensation free- avoid mould and damp 

  • Instant heat without the need of prior warming up the lamp

  • Full performance in a second after turning on

  • Soothing heat ( WELLNESS effect )

  • The use of efficient, gold plated heating tubes ( protection class IP65 )

  • Easy installation and service

  • High efficiency

  •  High effectiveness (exchange of the 92% of the energy into the warmth)

     Long vitality of heating pipes (up to 5000 hours)


    Infrared Tower IH2000 heater is a new generation, short-wave radiant ( IR A ), c 4-5 times more efficient then the old infrared lamps (IR B ). IR is a form of electromagnetic radiation with lower frequency than visible light. Infrared heating keeps you nice and warm in exactly the same way the sun works. It is warmth we were designed-for! The great advantage of this technology is the fact that, it doesn't waste energy and money by heating empty space. IR waves emitted by the lamps produce heat only when they touch a surface such as human body, objects, walls, etc.


    IR lamps can be use both in the external and interior space-everywhere the immediate, efficient heating is required. Thanks to continuous technological progress it is possible now to heat surface up to 24 sq.m. using just one lamp (outdoor space).


    Perfect to use for:

    - Paint shops

    - Production areas

    - Building sites

    - Farms

    - Pubs

    - Warehouses

    - Garages 

    Infrared heater Tower IH2000 specification:

    - Heated area - 24sq/m

    - Power -2x2kW

    - Colour - white/black

    - 2.5m cable

    - Voltage - 230V

    - Size - 40x20x16cmx2